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Become a Member

Regular Member

To become a regular member of the National Association of Parliamentarians (NAP), a person must pass a membership exam and pay dues to NAP. There is an additional fee to take the exam via computer. Regular members automatically join a  state association. Regular members may also be credentialed (see bottom of page).

  • Annual Dues: $99 ($84 for NAP, $15 for MSAP)

Primary & Affiliate Member

A person can be a primary member of a state association or local unit and may choose to be an affiliate member of another state association or unit.

  • Annual Dues: Varies ($84 for NAP, $10-15 primary, $10-15 affiliate)


A member-at-large is someone who does not belong to a local unit or may be a person who resides in an unchartered state or province.

  • Annual Dues: $99 ($84 for NAP, $15 for MSAP)

Provisional Member

Provisional members are those preparing for NAP membership. They can be a member of a local unit upon the payment of annual dues to the unit.  

  • Annual Dues: $10 to local unit 

For more information about membership, contact:

Lucy H. Johnson

MSAP President

Michael Orr

Northern Lights Parliamentarians



Carrie Roach

St. Paul Unit President

If you wish to proceed further in your studies, once you are a member of NAP, you can study to become a Registered Parliamentarian and then a Professional Registered Parliamentarian.


Registered Parliamentarian (RP)

A person must take a series of exams to qualify for this credential and, to retain the RP credential, must complete Continuing Education Units every two years. Retired RPs have the designation of RP-R.


Professional Registered Parliamentarian (PRP)

A person must take a series of written and oral exams to qualify for this credential and, to retain the PRP credential, must complete requirements defined by the Commission on Credentialing. This involves completing 15 Continuing Education Credits every two years. A PRP is also generally expected to teach classes and perform various activities (e.g., consulting, presiding, serving as a parliamentarian, involvement in national committees and serving as officers in NAP, state associations, and/or units).  Retired PRPs have the designation of PRP-R.

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