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News & Events

Educational Sessions

Many units and associations sponsor educational sessions, and these typically are open to NAP members. Some events are open to the public. Refer to the NAP Events Calendar for more information.

September 2024

November 2024
  • What:  Dahms Foundation Workshop

  • When:  November 1-3, 2024

  • Where:  Minneapolis, MN

  • Theme: "Rights, Duties, and Responsibilities: Organizations, Members, and Stakeholders"

  • See Website for More Info

April 2025
  • What:  MSAP Annual Convention 

  • When:  TBD

  • Where: TBD

August 2025
  • What:  NAP Biennial Convention

  • When:  August 20-24, 2025

  • Where:  Phoenix, AZ

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Past Events

2024 MSAP Annual Seminar
  • When:  January 27, 2024, via Zoom  

  • Who:  Anyone interested in parliamentary procedure 

  • Theme:  "Let’s Get Practical"

  • Each session includes small breakout rooms with a Parliamentarian facilitator

    • Session 1:  Governing Documents, by Jeanette Williams, PRP, CP-T

    • Session 2:  Nominations & Elections, by Pat Reymann, PRP

    • Session 3:  Presiding, by Josh Martin, PRP

2023 MSAP Annual Seminar
  • When:  January 28, 2023, via Zoom

  • Sessions were recorded and posted on YouTube

  • Theme:  "Meetings: A Sprint or A Marathon"

    • Session 1:  Stay on Track (Agenda, Script, Rules of Debate), by Pat Reymann, PRP

    • Session 2:  Fitness Training (Main Motions and Amendments), by Miriam Simmons, PRP

    • Session 3:  Shortcuts (Unanimous Consent, Consent Calendars, Previous Question, Refer to Committee), by David Staehlin

    • Session 4:  Wear Good Shoes (Minutes and Bylaws), by Robert Vokes

    • Session 5:  Remember to Stretch (Learn and teach your group Parli Pro), by Lucy Johnson, PRP


2022 MSAP Annual Seminar
  • When:  January 29, 2022, via Zoom

  • Theme:  "Meetings Without Misery: Robert's Rules for Efficient Meetings"

    • Session 1:  Efficient, Effective and Elegant Meetings, by Jan Strand, PRP-R

    • Session 2:  Short and Sweet, by Josh Martin, PRP

    • Session 3:  Avoiding Board-dom: Committees, by Miriam Simmons, PRP

    • Session 4:  Parliamentary Myths, by Kevin Wendt, PRP


2021 MSAP Annual Seminar
  • When:  January 29-30, 2021, via Zoom

  • Theme:  "Have A More Effective Board Meeting: Get Home Before Midnight"

    • Session 1:  Order or chaos?  Rules?  What Rules? by Miriam Simmons, PRP

    • Session 2:   Rights and Responsibilities of Board Members, by Jeanette N: Williams, PRP, CP-T

    • Session 3:  Managing a Marvelous Meeting: Maps, Minutes, $ Money $, Mutiny and Miscellany, by Patricia Reymann, PRP and Ginny Altman, PRP

    • Session 4:   Who Let the Dogs Out--What is a Parliamentarian and Why Would You Need One? by Lucy Johnson, PRP

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