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The Code

All NAP members are bound by the Code of Professional Responsibility.



There are two organizations in the United States for professional parliamentarians; both offer accreditation:

  • National Association of Parliamentarians (NAP)

    • Credentials offered: Registered Parliamentarian (RP) and Professional Registered Parliamentarian (PRP)

    • NAP uses Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised (12th edition, 2020)

  • American Institute of Parliamentarians (AIP)

    • Credentials offered: Certified Parliamentarian (CP) and Certified Professional Parliamentarian (CPP). Those who have completed a teaching certification course have "-T" added to the credential. 

    • AIP uses the Standard Code of Parliamentary Procedure (2nd edition, 2023) and refers to other parliamentary authorities.



If you want to have better meetings right away, get this book (either in brief or in full):


Study Questions

Test yourself on your parliamentary knowledge or practice for the exam:


Other Tips & Guides

If you are looking for tips, guides, forms, scripts, or workshops related to parliamentary procedure: 
Parliamentary Procedure Instructional Materials Center

    Free downloadable guides are available for nonprofit boards and school boards. Many workshops are offered.   

    Charts, tips, guides and articles on procedure.

    Videos, charts, free downloads, definitions, and description and explanation of meeting rules.

    Frequently asked questions and official interpretations.

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